The walkthrough goes through how to set up a Windows Server 2016 machine to be a Domain Controller for a lab setup

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Start up the following HEAT template in OpenStack:

This will create 2 instances of Windows Server 2016 and 3 instances of Windows 10.

Configure Windows as a Domain Controller

  • In the Server Manager > Dashboard select Manage in the upper right corner

  • Select Add Roles and Features

    • The Add Roles and Features Wizard will appear

  • At Before You Begin click Next

  • At Installation Type select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next

  • At Server Selection select Select a server from the server pool and click Next

  • At Server Roles leave the defaults selected and select the following additional options

    • Active Directory Domain Services

    • DNS Server

    • Network Policy and Access Services

  • At DNS Server click Next

  • At AD DS click Next

  • At Network Policy and Access Services click Next

  • At Role Services leave Network Policy Server selecdted and click Next

  • At Confirmation click Install

The server will take a few minutes to install the selected options.

Add computers to the domain

Set the computer’s DNS server to point to the DNS server (the DC)

Create a computer object for the new computer that you would like to add

Attempt to change the computers domain to the DC domain. You will need to use the admin account to add the computer.

You can add the Windows 10 machines to the domain following the same procedure.

The setup of the DC should be automated so that it is automatically setup when the instance starts, can do this through the 'user_data' portion of the HEAT template.