Steps to register for an OpenStack Account
  1. Open Chrome/Firefox

  2. Navigate to (signin with email cert)

  3. Copy password and follow instructions on page (take note of your username)

  4. Open new tab and go to link from previous step

  5. Create new password

Login to the CyberSchool Gitlab Server
  1. Navigate to and login

    1. Review projects that you have access to, you are able to comment and suggest edits to files hosted by the USA Cyber School

Copy a HEAT template from Github
  1. Navigate to

  2. Click on win_network.yaml under the windows folder

  3. Click on the Open raw button and copy the URL address

Start a new Stack in OpenStack
  1. Navigate to

  2. Use Domain = ipa, username and password from previous steps

  3. Click on Orchestration

  4. Click on Stacks

  5. Click on Launch Stack button

  6. In new popup window, choose Source = URL, paste the URL for the HEAT template for win_network.yaml, click Next

  7. Choose a name for the stack

  8. Choose a username and password, the server instances will initially be set with no password and will require you to change the password on your initial login

Remember your username and password, you won’t be able to recover them after the instance is created